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TITLE: from the series "Model Homes"

ARTIST:Marian April Glebes


DATE: 2013-2015


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: For the series "Model Homes," materials were selected to examine the performative public/private nature of domestic space and values. The majority of the series "Model Homes" was created by compression casting. The casts are not held together by a binding agent, they are monolithic and rely on the properties of each material to maintain their form. The 2 drywall forms were constructed, not cast. The materials for "Model Homes" were collected over an extended period of time by the artist from suburban lawns. (Dandelions were collected over a 3 year period. Lint collected over 6 month period. Grass, 2 months, for example.) Once enough material was collected, it was inserted into the mold. The force to cast the material was applied using a mechanical pressure system designed by the artist. The glass house is sand-cast glass, annealed over 4 days from a liquid glass temperature of 1100 degrees. The pedestals were built by the artist using MDF. The vitrines are plexiglass.

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